Internal Transfer Policy

CCIS accepts students who demonstrate the skills and commitment necessary to be successful in our majors. We look at students’ academic record, related outside activities, and interest in relevant career paths. CCIS welcomes transfers who meet eligibility requirements and are dedicated to success in our academically rigorous program.


  • Consider your academic and professional goals, skills, preparation, and related outside activities
  • Review CCIS majors, course requirements, and course descriptions
  • Consider the time and expense to complete your desired CCIS major. Run a degree audit choosing “explore options” to see where you stand regarding CS, IS and combined major options
  • The first four courses, CS2500, CS1800, CS2510, and CS2800, take 2 semesters to complete before upper-level coursework may begin. Only CS2500 and CS2510 are typically offered in the summer

You may also wish to review career exploration sites such as NU Career Development, or email to request information from an existing CCIS student.


Regular Admissions

  • An overall GPA of 2.8 or higher
  • A grade of B or higher is required if you have taken any of the below courses
  • For admission to Computer Science/Business or Information Science/Business, a grade of B- or higher is required if you have taken ACCT 1201 or 1209
  • For admission to Computer Science/Music Composition and Technology students must meet the required admission criteria from the Music Department.
  • Student must be in good academic standing

Transitional Admissions

  • An overall GPA between 2.0 and 2.8
  • A grade of B or higher is required if you have taken any of the below courses
  • Any MATH course below 1342
  • Student must be in good academic standing. If not, but otherwise meets the above criterial, appeals for admission will be considered by the CCIS Academic Standing Committee
  • To remain in CCIS at the end of one transitional semester, you must earn:
    • at least 16 SH and a term GPA of at least 2.66
    • a grade of B or higher in CS 2500, CS 1800, and any MATH course taken
    • for Computer Science/ Digital Art and Computer Science/ Interactive Media degree programs, also earn a C or higher in ARTF 1122 and ARTF 1123 OR ARTF 1124 and ARTF 1125


  • Applications are accepted throughout the year.
  • Advisors in CCIS are glad to meet with you to discuss the program, major options, your reflection, and eligibility requirements. Please see MyNeu for availability. Go to Student Self-Service tab, Advising Resources, Appointment Calendar.
  • If you meet eligibility requirements, you may request admissions by sending email to Include your name, ID, current major, desired CCIS major, and a few sentences summarizing your reasons.
  • Applications for transitional admission will require a meeting with Wendy Gordon-Hewick.