Academic Integrity

Office of Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution & Cheating (OSCCR)

Northeastern University’s Office of Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution & Cheating (OSCCR) strives to promote and instill the values of civility and good citizenship within the Northeastern community. OSCCR addresses student conduct violations and conflicts through an educational process and provides engaging programming and training to help maintain a healthy living and learning environment. OSCCR also strives to provide a community free of intimidation, harassment or unfair treatment.

Violations of the University’s Academic Integrity Policy are handled by OSCCR.

Academic Integrity

As members of the academic community, students must become familiar with their rights and responsibilities. In each course, they are responsible for knowing the requirements and restrictions regarding research and writing, examinations of whatever kind, collaborative work, the use of study aids, the appropriateness of assistance, and other issues. Students are responsible for learning the conventions of documentation and acknowledgment of sources in their fields. Northeastern University expects students to complete all examinations, tests, papers, creative projects, and assignments of any kind according to the highest ethical standards, as set forth either explicitly or implicitly in this Code or by the direction of instructors.

  • Academic dishonesty is taken very seriously and can result in expulsion
  • Cheating goes on a student’s permanent record
  • Final grades are at instructors’ discretion