Academic Deadlines

Important Deadlines

Please see the Registrar’s Academic Calendar for specific dates each year. Listed below are important deadlines you should be aware of:

I Am Here:

  • I Am Here begins at 8 am the Thursday before classes start
  • Registered students and those taking classes while on COOP must complete “I Am Here”
  • If a student does not complete the “I Am Here” process, the student will be dropped from all classes
  • Students on Study Abroad must complete “I Am Here”

 Last Day to Add a Class

  • A student has Banner access to add a class online until the 7th business day of the term
  • If a course is closed, the student needs to speak to the department offering the class

Last Day to Petition to take a class Pass/Fail

  • Not available for CS courses or core requirement courses, only for open electives
  • Only one per semester
  • Ineligible for Dean’s List that semester
  • Form to petition is on Registrar’s website

Last Day to Drop Class without showing on Final Transcript

  • A student has Banner access to drop a class online until the 10th business day of the term
  • Student must maintain 12 credits to maintain full-time status and be in good standing
  • A student with under 12 credits is automatically placed on academic probation (may affect financial aid, scholarships, and student visas)

Last Day to Drop a Class with a “W” (Withdrawn) on Final Transcript

  • If a student drops a class after the 11th business day of the term, a “W” shows up on the transcript indicating that the student withdrew from the class
  • A “W” does not affect student’s GPA
  • Please see the Registrar’s Academic Calendar for last day to drop with a “W”

Add/Drop Instructions

  • Click here to access detailed add/drop Banner instructions.

Final Exam Conflicts

If final exam times are in conflict, fill out the Final Exam Conflict form on the Registrar’s website.

Final exams can be rescheduled in the following circumstances:

  • Three exams scheduled in one day
  • Two exams scheduled at the same time
  • For other reasons, contact the instructor directly