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The Web Development Course People

The Spring 2015 Professors:

Name E-Mail Office Phone Office Hours
Richard Rasala rasala 313 WVH 617-373-2206 TBD
or by appointment
Jose Annunziato jga 310A WVH 617-373-6270
or by appointment

The Spring 2015 MS Assistants who will review student sites on a weekly basis:

Name E-Mail Works With Office Hours
Pruthvi Kumar Reddy Challa pruthvi Rasala TBD
Tushar Gupta tush1301 Rasala TBD
Jagruti Kapadia jkapadia Rasala TBD
Srishti Gupta srish24 Annunziato TBD
Swapnil Sharadkumar Gupta swapnilg Annunziato TBD
Nisha Kanani nisha Annunziato TBD
Rishi Katyal rishi11 Annunziato TBD
Sneha Vankireddy snehav27 Annunziato TBD

MS assistants will hold office hours starting in the second week of the semester.

The following e-mail addresses may be used for communication:

E-Mail Goes To
ws The professors and all MS assistants
ws-all The professors, all MS assistants, and all web development students
ws-5610 The professors, all MS assistants, and all 5610 students
ws-4550 The professors, all Annunziato assistants, and all 4550 students
ws-rr The professors, all Rasala assistants, and all Rasala students
ws-ja The professors, all Annunziato assistants, and all Annunziato students

It is very important that if you have technical problems with HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, C#, ASP.NET, SSH or SFTP access to the servers, the ASP.NET web server, or the SQL server that you e-mail to the general list ws. This permits the professors and all MS assistants to work together on the problems.

On the other hand, to discuss your site, your experiments, and your project, write to your professor and/or the MS assistant who will be reviewing your site each week.

Use the other addresses only if you think the post will be of special interest to a large group of people.

If you pose a question to ws and we think that the question would interest a larger group then the message will be made anonymous and the answer will go to one of the larger lists.

Piazza will also be used to post questions and information.

Links to Demonstration Sites

The following site provides numerous demonstration programs for both ASP.NET and Javascript:


The following site provides interesting Javascript programs including the Story Utility and the synchronized Google maps application:


The following site links to the Web Development stories:


The Web Development Stories provide numerous links to technical documentation and blogs about the assorted topics relevant to web development.

Students are invited to send additional links to Professor Rasala (rasala) that might be included on the various Web Development Stories pages.

The next link is to the examples by Prof. Annunziato:


The next link is to the CS 5610 GitHub site by Prof. Annunziato:


Links to Spring 2015 Sites for Faculty, Assistants, and Students

Spring 2015 Sites for Faculty, Assistants, and Students

Student Sites

You will maintain two versions of your student site. One site will be maintained locally on your machine and will be the version that you edit and enhance in Visual Studio. The other site will be the production site that lives on the college IIS web server. You will move files from your local site to the web server when you believe that the code is bug-free. You should immediately test after such a move and you should normally pull back the changes if you detect bugs.

If you need help with debugging, you may temporarily leave bad code on the IIS server and send e-mail to ws. However, if bad code entirely crashes your site, pull it back right away and arrange an in-person meeting for debugging.

CCIS Username and Password

To participate in CS 5610, it is essential to have a CCIS account which translates into a CCIS username and password.

This is needed to:

  • Activate a CCIS web site on the college IIS web server.
  • Obtain a free copy of the Microsoft development environment called Visual Studio.

If you do not have a CCIS account, go to the following web page:

CCIS Account Signup

How To Get A Student Site Created on the IIS Web Server

Once you have a CCIS account, go the the following page and opt in.

ASP.NET Site Opt-In Script

It may take several hours or even overnight for your site to be created. Once this site is created, it has a vanilla page that shows that the web site exists. You will replace this page once you have real content to upload.

How to Get Visual Studio and other Microsoft Software

After you have a CCIS username, you must use the Microsoft DreamSpark program:

Microsoft DreamSpark

Essential Files to Start Your Site

Go to Essential Files to obtain the essential files that must be used to make your initial site. These files are critical for:

  • Site assessment by the professor and MS assistants during the course
  • Providing debugging assistance during the course
  • Deciding the final grades

Without the Essential Files on your site, your grade is an automatic F.

You will be happier if you read through the directions on the Essential Files page before starting to work.

The Story Utility

The Story Utility is a critical and easy to use tool for creating site documenation and for organizing experiments. It will be necessary for you to use this tool in order for the professors and MS assistant to review your work. If you do not use this tool or use it improperly, you will waste our time and we will compensate by reducing your final grade.

The files for the Story Utility are included in the Essential Files.

Go to the Story Utility to learn about the Story Utility and about how to use it well.

In particular, note that you are never to touch the directory story. Your story files must be in other directories.

The Web Development stories at


provide many examples of stories and how to set them up. Use these as a model.

You will also find many example of stories at


More Information

More information about getting started in the course may be found on the Startup page.