CS 4000 Senior Seminar
Fall 2010
Professor Richard Rasala


Go to my northeastern.edu site for the software tools and web development information that was formerly posted on this site.


There you will find:

Each student in CS 4000 Senior seminar is expected to do the following:

Each student should learn sufficient HTML (HyperText Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) to build a quality web site.

Some of the tools provided use Javascript but students will not be expected to write their own Javascript in this course.

Here are some experiments in CSS that I worked on when I was trying to figure out the nuances of this language.

The first 3 links show the experiments and the last link provides access to all source code.

The second experiment comes from §11.3 of the book by Lie & Bos:

Håkon Wium Lie & Bert Bos, Cascading Style Sheets DESIGNING FOR THE WEB, Third Edition, Addison-Wesley, 2005.

This experiment is an homage by Lie & Bos to Jan Tschichold.

You may create personal web sites that respond to a web address that starts with:


The trick is to create a directory named .www at the top-level of your Linux home directory. The period in front of www is essential.

The Linux web server software will map the contents of the .www directory to the web address given above. Notice that the web address does not mention .www.

You should create a home page with one the file names index.html or index.htm at the top of the .www directory. This is the page that will be served if no other page or directory on your site is mentioned. This page should lead a viewer to all other work that you post.

For more details, see the following HowTo page from systems:

Personal Web Pages

Note that it is fine to host your web site for this course on some other server besides the college Linux server. Be sure that I am given the link to the site you post.

If you use the college Linux server for your web site, you can get to your Linux home directory and thence to the .www directory from either a Linux box or a PC in the lab. This may suffice for your needs.

If you want to create your web site initially on your own machine and later load files remotely, you may need to have Secure File Transfer Protocol client software, that is, an SFTP client.

The best free SFTP client for Windows that I have found is:

bitvise Tunnelier

I have less experience with SFTP clients for a Mac. A free SFTP client that was highly recommended to me is:


Another option for $29 is Fetch which has a long history in the Mac world:


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Beveridge, Richard

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Kendall, Cory

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Prone, Christopher

Sweet, Jordan

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