Minor in Computer Science Requirements

Student who wishes to earn a Minor in Computer Science should file a petition that can be obtained in romm 161 Cullinane Hall, and complete the following requirements:

Computer Science Required Courses

Each of the following required courses must be passed with a grade C- or better:
COM 1100 Fundamentals of Computer Science
COM 1101 Algorithms and Data Structures 1
COM 1201 Algorithms and Data Structures 2

Computer Science Electives

Choose 4 additional upper level Computer Science courses from among the following:
COM 1130 Computer Organization and Design
COM 1205 Software Design and Development
COM 1315 Database Management
COM 1317 Transaction Processing
COM 1330 Operating Systems
COM 1335 Distributed Operating Systems
COM 1337 Computer Communication Networks
COM 1355 Compilers
*COM 1350 Automata & Formal Languages
*COM 1358 Analysis of Programming Languages
COM 1370 Computer Graphics
COM 1390 Algorithms
COM 1391 Data
COM 1400 Data Parallel Computation
COM 1410 Artificial Intelligence
COM 1800 Directed Study

* Before enrolling in this courses, students must also complete the prerequisite one credit course:
COM 1340 Recursive Thinking