Bachelor of Science in Information Science Requirements

for the Class of 2004 and On

5-Year and 4-Year Programs

179 Total QH


COM 1121 Overview 1 (1 QH)
COM 1122 Overview 2 (1 QH)

Computer Science Foundation Courses

COM 1100 Fundamentals of Computer Science (4 QH)
COM 1101 Algorithms and Data Structures 1 (4 QH)
COM 1201 Algorithms and Data Structures 2 (4 QH)
COM 1130 Computer Organization and Design (4 QH)
COM 1204 Object-Oriented Design (4 QH)

Behavioral Sciences Foundation Courses

PSY 1111 Foundations of Psychology 1 (4 QH)
PSY 1112 Foundations of Psychology 2 (4 QH)
ECN 1250 Statistics (4 QH)
PSY 1364 Cognition (4 QH)
HRM 1432 Organizational Behavior (4 QH)

Information Sciences Required Courses

IS 1200 Principles of Information Science (4 QH)
COM/IS 1315 Database Design  (4 QH)
MSC/IS 1335 Telecommunications and Networks (4 QH)
COM/IS 1337 Networks (4 QH)
IS 1510 Empirical Methods and Research in Information Science (4 QH)
IS 1361 Information System Analysis and Design (4 QH)
COM 1205 Software Design and Development (4 QH)
MSC/IS 1341 Information Resource Management (4 QH)
COM/IS 1420 Human-Computer Interaction (4 QH)
SOC/IS 1485 Computers and Society (4 QH)
IS 1611* Information Science Field Study (1 QH)
IS 1612 Information Science Senior Project (4 QH)

*Note: This course will be taken during the student's final co-op assignment in the senior year.

Information Sciences Elective Courses

Take three of the following electives:

Any IS or COM course at the 1300 level or above.

MSC 1332 Decision Support Systems (4 QH)
MSC 1342 Business System Integration (4 QH)
MSC 1332 Decision Support Systems
MSC 1342 Business Systems Integration
MSC 1575 E-commerce Systems Design
ACC 1111 Financial Accounting
ACC 1345 Accounting Systems
ECN 1261 Applied Econometrics

PSY1231 Learning and Motivation
PSY1361 Psychobiology
PSY/LIN 1366 Cognitive Development
PSY 1381 Sensation
PSY 1382 Perception
PSY 1531 Learning and Motivation Lab
PSY/LIN 1564 Cognition Lab
PSY 1581 Sesation and Perception Lab

LIN/PSY 1262 Psychology of Language
LIN/PSY 1365 Language and the Brain
LIN/ENG 1401 Introduction to Syntax
LIN/ENG 1407 Introduction to Semantics

CMN 1300 Introduction to Communication Theory
CMN 1315 Theories of Persuasion
CMN 1318 Negotiation Skills
CMN 1430 ORganizational Communication
CMN 1431 Advanced Organizational Communication

Mathematics and Logic Courses

MTH 1137 Discrete Mathematics (4 QH)
MTH 1187 Probability (4 QH)
PHL 1215 Symbolic Logic (4 QH)
MTH 1140* Calculus 1 (4 QH)

* Equivalent to MTH1123.

English Courses

ENG 1110 Freshman English 1  (4 QH)
ENG 1111 Freshman English 2  (4 QH)
ENG 1125* Technical Writing   (4 QH)
    (prerequisite: 80+ earned credit hours; the grade of C or better is required)
*Note: If you were granted transfer credit for this course, you must take ENG 1340, the one-credit writing workshop, in order to satisfy the middler year writing requirement.

Social Science Courses

Choose 1 pair of Basic Social Science courses from the following selections:
HST 1101 Western Civ. to 1648
HST 1102 Western Civ. since 1648

HST 1121 World Civ. to 1648
HST 1122 World Civ. since 1648

HST 1201 US to 1877
HST 1202 US since 1877

Political Science
Choose 2 of the following 3 courses:
    POL 1110 Introduction to Politics
    POL 1111 American Government
    POL 1112 International Relations
Take: SOC 1100 Introduction to Sociology
Then choose 1 of the following 3 courses:
    SOA 1100 Peoples and Cultures
    SOC 1103 American Society
    SOA 1104 Cultures of the World
Take: ECN 1115 Macroeconomics

Then choose 1 of the following 4 courses:
    ECN 1190 The Global Economy
    ECN 1191 Development Economics
    ECN 1192 American Economic Development
    ECN 1193 European Economic Development

Core Distribution Requirement  - for a list of specific core courses offered each quarter see the Arts and Science Core Curriculum Web page

Category I: Fine Arts/Humanities
PHL 1215 Symbolic Logic
and one more course
Category IIa: Fine Arts/Humanities
one course
Category IIb: Natural Science
one course (excluding MTH courses)
Category III: The Western Cultural Heritage
one course
Category IV: Alternative Cultures and Societies
one course
Category V: Theoretical Perspectives & Changes
one course

General Elective Courses

Choose one to five courses to bring your total QH earned up to at least 179 QH.
One of these elective courses may be used to satisfy the Diversity Requirement.  Please refer to page 25 of the Undergraduate Guidebook.

Diversity Requirement

You must fulfill the University Diversity Requirement. Please, see the Undergraduate Handbook for the three methods that can be used to satisfy this requirement.

Coop Requirement

You must complete at least two coop assignments.