Dual Major (B.S.) Computer Science and Mathematics Requirements

for the Class of 2004 and On

5-Year and 4-Year Programs

180 Total QH

Computer Science Courses

COM 1100 Fundamentals of Computer Science (4 QH)
COM 1101 Algorithms and Data Structures 1 (4 QH)
COM 1201 Algorithms and Data Structures 2 (4 QH)
COM 1121 Overview 1 (1 QH)
COM 1122 Overview 2 (1 QH)
COM 1130 Computer Organization and Design (4 QH)
COM 1204 Object-Oriented Design (4 QH)
COM 1340 Recursive Thinking (1 QH)
COM 1350 Automata & Formal Languages (4 QH)
COM 1390 Algorithms (4 QH)

Computer Science Elective

Choose any three Computer Science 4 QH courses numbered COM 1200 or higher, except COM 1230.

Restricted Elective

The computer science restricted elective must be chosen from one of the three courses listed below:

COM 1315 Database Management (4 QH)
COM 1330 Operating Systems (4 QH)
COM 1358 Analysis of Programming Languages (4 QH)

Senior Seminar

COM 1621 Senior Seminar (1 QH)
Note: COM 1770 Honors Seminar, may be taken as a Computer Science elective or as a General Elective; either would satisfy the requirement for COM 1621, Senior Seminar.


MTH 1140/23 Calculus 1 (4 QH)
MTH 1141/24 Calculus 2 (4 QH)
MTH 1142/25 Calculus 3 (4 QH)
MTH 1243 Calculus 4 (4 QH)
MTH 1244 Calculus 5 (4 QH)
MTH 1238 Combinatorial Math (4 QH)
MTH 1301 Linear Algebra (4 QH)

Math Elective

Choose either MTH 1240 or a course in 1300 series MTH 13xx

Math Track

Choose one fo the following three tracks:

Linear / Numerical Analysis

MTH 1302 Linaer Algebra 2
MTH 1349 Numerical Analysis 1
MTH 1350 Numerical Analysis 2

Numerical Differential Equations

MTH 1245 Differential Equationas 1 (or 1225)
MTH 1246 Differential Equationas 2 (or 1226)
MTH 1350 Numerical Analysis 2

Pure Mathematics

MTH 1311 Analysis 1

Choose two of the following three:

MTH 1302 Linaer Algebra 2
MTH 1321 Introduction to Groups
MTH 1330 Number Theory

Integrative Courses

MTH 1137 Discrete Mathematics (4 QH)
MTH 1387 Probability (4 QH)
MTH 1390 Statistics

Science Courses

Choose one pair
BIO 1140 Basic Animal Biology 1
BIO 1141 Basic Animal Biology 2

BIO 1103 Principles of Biology 1
BIO 1104 Principles of Biology 2

CHM 1131 General Chemistry  for Engineering 1
CHM 1132 General Chemistry  for Engineering 2

CHM 1151 General Chemistry  for Science Majors 1
CHM 1152 General Chemistry  for Science Majors 2

GEO 1212 Physical Geology (4 QH)
GEO 1222 Historical Geology (4 QH)

PHY 1221 Physics for Eng'g & Science Majors 1 (4 QH)
PHY 1222 Physics for Eng'g & Science Majors 2 (4 QH)

COM/MTH/SCI Electives (2 courses)

If science is chosen for these electives, the course or courses should continue the series begun wth the pair chosen to satisfy the Science requirement.

Core Curriculum

More details about the general Core Curriculum can be found in the College of Arts and Sciences handbook Student Guidebook and Core Curriculum Guide.

Core Distribution Requirement (BS degree version)

Category I: Fine Arts/Humanities
one course
Category II: Social Sciences
one course
Category III: The Western Cultural Heritage
one course
Category IV: Alternative Cultures and Societies
one course
Category V: Theoretical Perspectives & Changes
one course
Category VI: Current Issues and Perspectives
SOC 1485 Computers and Society

English Courses

Freshman Level Writing Requirement:
ENG 1110 Freshman English 1
ENG 1111 Freshman English 2

Middler Level Writing Requirement: select one of the following courses:

ENG 1125* Technical Writing
ENG 1350 Writing for the Professions

(prerequisite: 80+ earned credit hours; the grade of C or better is required)

Note: If you were granted transfer credit for this course, you must take ENG 1340, the one-credit writing workshop, in order to satisfy the middler year writing requirement.

General Elective Courses

Choose six courses.

Note:  One of these elective courses may be used to satisfy the Diversity Requirement.  Please refer to page 25 of the Undergraduate Guidebook.

Diversity Requirement

You must fulfill the University Diversity Requirement. Please, see the Undergraduate Handbook for the three methods that can be used to satisfy this requirement.

Coop Requirement

You must complete at least two coop assignments.