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Course Description

Examines methods and techniques for representation, organization, transformation, and security of data.  Studies fundamental structures such as sets, graphs, and finite functions.  Examples focus on large objects such as images, video, and sound, and on large systems such as file systems, data bases, and networks.

4 QH credit
Prerequisite: COM 1390.

Course Information

Course is offered only during the Fall quarter. CS majors are guaranteed a place in class.
  • Fall 2000 (cancelled)
  • Course Format

    BSCS03 elective course
    BSCS04 Algo & Data core
    BACS elective course
    BSIS general elective

    This is a new course. It is the second course for Algorithms & Data core for  BS CS majors. We plan to offer this course in the academic year 2001-2002 for the first time.

    Course Coordinators

    Professor William Clinger

    Textbooks and References

  • This course has not yet been offered, information is not yet available.

  • Course Goals

    Prerequisites by Topic

    COM 1390

    Major Topics Covered in the Course

  • Information Theory
  • Coding Theory
  • Cryptography
  • Representation of fundamental structures
  • Representation of high-volume data
  • Performance analysis
  • Laboratory projects

    This course has not yet been offered, information is not yet available.