COM 1370 Computer Graphics

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Course Description

Focuses on the characteristics and programming of graphics output devices.  Presents basic point and line drawing algorithms; 2-dimensional displays; clipping and windowing.  Surveys pictures; data structures and display file organization; interaction (graphical input and event driven programs).  Includes some drawing in 3-dimensions.

4 QH credit
Prerequisite: COM 1201, MTH 1301.

Course Information

Course is offered during the Winter and Summer quarters. CS majors are guaranteed a place in class.
  • Winter 2001
  • Summer 2001
  • Course Format

    This is an elective course for  BS CS majors and a 'focused elective' course for BA CS majors.

    Course Coordinators

    Professor Bryant York

    Textbooks and References

    Summer 2000
  • Computer Graphics: C Version, 2nd Edition, Donald Hearn and Pauline Baker, Prentice Hall, 1997.

  • Course Goals

    Programming Skills

    Prerequisites by Topic

    Course Catalog Prerequisites:  COM 1201, MTH 1301.

    Students should be capable of writing a 1000 line program in C/C++ and to have had some exposure to linear algebra.  Practical linear algebra for computer graphics is reviewed at the beginning of the course.

    Major Topics Covered in the Course

  • Practical linear algebra for computer graphics
  • 2D and 3D geometric transformations and viewing transformations
  • Algorithms for basic output primitives - lines, circles, ellipses, splines
  • Hierarchical modeling of objects
  • Color models
  • Laboratory projects

    1 project - 5 weeks.