COM 1355 Compiler Design

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Course Description

Implements lexical analyzers and parsers as specified by regular expressions and context-free grammars.  Emphasizes the use of LALR(1) or LL(1) parser generators.  Covers basic code generation.  Uses a hands-on approach including either a sequence of programming assignments or a project.

4 QH credit
Prerequisite: COM 1350, COM 1130.

Course Information

Course is offered only during the Winter quarter. CS majors are guaranteed a place in class.
  • Winter 2001 (one section)
  • Course Format

    This is a BS CS elective and a 'focused elective' for BA CS majors.

    Course Coordinators

    Professor William Clinger

    Textbooks and References

    Winter 2000

    Course Goals

  • Demystify compilers and understand them well enough to become a better programmer.
  • Review programming languages, automata theory, computer architecture, and software design.  [COM 1355 is likely to become a capstone course in the new curriculum.]
  • Prerequisites by Topic

  • COM 1201 (Algorithms and Data Structures 2)
  • COM 1350 (Automata and Formal Languages)
  • sufficient programming experience  [This is probably the most programming-intensive course in our undergraduate curriculum.]
  • Major Topics Covered in the Course

    Laboratory projects

  • [2 weeks]  Implement certain abstract data types (e.g. compile-time environment) that will be used in the compiler.
  • [2 weeks]  Implement an attribute evaluator for a specific attribute grammar that specifies such things as tail calls, leaf procedures, and whether a procedure escapes.
  • [2 weeks] Implement a code generator.
  • [Extra credit; 1 week]  Modify the source language in ways that require minor changes to the lexical analyzer, parser, and type checker.