COM 1335 Distributed Operating Systems

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Course Description

Covers distributed operating systems; communication: ATM, client-server, remote procedure call; processors, processes, and threads; distributed file systems; security. Uses case studies.

4 QH credit
Prerequisite: COM 1330.

Course Information

Course is offered during the Spring and Summer quarters. CS majors are guaranteed a place in class.

Course Format

BSCS03 Systems track
BSCS04 elective course
BACS focused elective
BSIS general elective

This is a track course for BS CS majors graduating in the years 2003 and before, an elective for BS CS majors graduating in the year 2004 and beyond, and a 'focused elective' for  BA CS majors.

Course Coordinators

Professor John Casey

Textbooks and References

Spring 2000

Course Goals

  • Learn to work with medium sized programs by building substantial portions of one.
  • Gain experience with a very well designed program: the Unix file system.
  • Work in teams to build software.
  • Prerequisites by Topic

    COM 1330

    Major Topics Covered in the Course

    Laboratory projects

    See above.