COM 1122 Computer Science Overview 2

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Course Description

Introduces the Unix operating system, the Internet, and other important systems.  Discusses their basic concepts and history.  Introduces ethical issues such as privacy, security, reliability, and intellectual property.

1 QH credit
Prerequisite: Computer science majors only.

Course Information

Course is offered only during the Winter quarter. CS majors are guaranteed a place in class.

Course Format

BSCS03 required course
BSCS04 required course
BACS required core
BSIS required course

This course continues the orientation for new computer science majors by focusing on competent and ethical uses of computer systems.

Course Coordinator

Professor John Casey

Textbooks and References

Fall 2000
  • The Shiny Red Binder, as in COM1121.

  • Course Goals

    Introduce students to the basic skills, competencies, and ethics of the computer science profession.

    Prerequisites by Topic

    Freshman majoring in Computer Science or Information Science

    Major Topics Covered in the Course

    Laboratory projects