Leena Razzaq

Assistant Teaching Professor

Research Interests

  • Intelligent tutoring systems
  • Human-computer interaction
  • User modeling
  • Artificial intelligence


  • PhD in Computer Science in Intelligent Tutoring Systems | Worcester Polytechnic Institute


Leena Razzaq is an Assistant Teaching Professor at the College of Computer and Information Science.  Prior to joining Northeastern, she was a postdoctoral researcher for the Center for Knowledge Communication in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Her research has been focused on improving student learning from educational technologies.  She has collaborated with researchers in the fields of Computer Science, Cognitive Psychology, Education, Mathematics and Psychometrics.

Dr. Razzaq obtained her PhD in computer science in intelligent tutoring systems at Worcester Polytechnic Institute in 2009. She is an awardee of the Computing Innovations Postdoc Fellowship.

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