Rajmohan Rajaraman

Professor, Associate Dean & Director of the Graduate School

Current Research Projects

  • Distributed computing over dynamic networks: Design and analysis of local algorithms for global communication and computation in networks with unpredictable dynamics. Potential applications to ad hoc wireless networks, peer-to-peer systems, and highly dynamic distributed systems.
  • Approximation algorithms for network design: Building network substrates, which satisfy important connectivity and bandwidth requirements. Developing techniques to overcome major challenges and notoriously hard open problems in combinatorial optimization. Applications to publish-subscribe systems and peer-to-peer systems.
  • Stochastic optimization: Approximation algorithms for failure-aware placement and scheduling of resources, with applications to cloud computing and datacenter resource allocation.

Research Interests

Approximation algorithms for intractable optimization problems, with a particular interest in network design; Distributed computing, especially in highly dynamic environments; Algorithmic game theory.


  • BS in Computer Science | IIT Kampur, India
  • PhD in Computer Science | University of Texas at Austin

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Rajmohan Rajaraman is a Professor in the College of Computer & Information Science at Northeastern University, which he joined in Fall 1998. Before joining Northeastern University, Professor Rajaraman was a postdoctoral fellow at the National Science Foundation’s Center for Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science (DIMACS) in New Jersey. He also has been a visiting research scientist position at Google Research (2012-13) and Akamai Technologies (2005-06). He earned his PhD in Computer Science at the University of Texas at Austin and Bachelor’s in Computer Science at IIT Kanpur, India.

Professor Rajaraman’s research contributions include a highly-cited work on distributed hash tables, which has been incorporated in several peer-to-peer systems. He has also obtained important results for fundamental combinatorial optimization problems, including facility location, edge-disjoint paths, and dominating sets. He has been a co-author on award-winning papers at ACM PODC, IEEE ICDCS, and ACM WiSec.

Professor Rajaraman is the recipient of an NSF Career Award. He has served as program chair and track chair for leading conferences in parallel computing and distributed systems, including DCOSS, SPAA, IPDPS, and SSS. He has also served on the program committees of top conferences in theoretical computer science, distributed computing, and networking including SODA, PODC, FOCS, and Mobihoc. He is an Associate Editor of the journal Theory of Computing Systems.

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