Panagiotis Manolios


Current Research Projects

  • Developing interactive theorem proving technology to help engineers design robust, reliable and secure systems. The idea is that users are responsible for specifying interfaces and properties of their design. Our technology, implemented in ACL2s, automatically discovers interface and property violations. We are working with BAE, AFRL, and DARPA on developing and applying our technology in the context of security.
  • Developing synthesis technology to automatically synthesize high-level designs from constraints. We used this technology to synthesize architectural models for Boeing’s Dreamliner and have subsequently introduced the idea of mathematical programming modulo theories, a new framework that allows us to integrate mathematical programming with formal methods technology. We are currently applying these methods to big data in order to enable advancements in a variety of contexts, from data-backed decision making to data-intensive scientific research.

Research Interests

  • Computer-aided modeling, verification, analysis and synthesis of systems
  • Formal Methods
  • Distributed Computing
  • Programming Languages
  • Software Engineering
  • Aerospace


  • BS in Computer Science | Brooklyn College
  • MA in Computer Science | Brooklyn College
  • PhD in Computer Science | University of Texas at Austin

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Pete Manolios is a Professor in the College of Computer and Information Science at Northeastern University.

Professor Manolios leads the computer-aided reasoning group. What guides his research is the vision that formal methods can be used to revolutionize the design, analysis and implementation of highly reliable, robust, and scalable systems in a variety of important application areas, including large component-based software systems, hardware systems, aerospace systems and big data analytics. His group has been funded by DARPA, NASA, NSF, Boeing, BAE, AFRL, IBM, and SRC. His group has developed several publicly available tools, including ACL2s, BAT, CoBaSA/Inez, 3SPIN, 3Murphi, and the Bloom Filter Calculator. Professor Manolios is also an active consultant in the area of safety critical systems and DO-178C certification.

Professor Manolios’ leadership positions in computer science and his research field of formal methods include serving as an Associate Editor of ACM Transactions on Design Automation of Electronic Systems (TODAES), as a program and general co-chair for FMCAD, as a co-chair for ACL2, as a member of the steering committees for FMCAD and ACL2, and as a member of the IFIP working group 1.9/2.15 on Verified Software.

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