Karl J. Lieberherr


Current Research Projects

  • Design of socio-technical systems for pushing the state-of-the-art in STEM domains and for teaching.
  • Basic research that informs the design of socio-technical systems with guaranteed properties.

Research Interests

  • Socio-technical systems for problem solving in STEM areas involving competition and collaboration.
  • Modularity in software development.


  • MS in Mathematics | ETH Zurich, Switzerland
  • PhD | ETH Zurich, Switzerland

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Karl Lieberherr is a Professor in the College of Computer and Information Science since 1985. Prior to joining Northeastern, he was an assistant professor at the EECS Department at Princeton University (1979-1983).

Karl Lieberherr’s research in PL/SE has led to advances in programming technology: the Law of Demeter is widely used by programmers who use object-oriented technology. The Adaptive Programming approach that was inspired by the Law of Demeter has been incorporated into XML technology (XPath) and Aspect-Oriented Technology. His research in Algorithms, primarily P-Optimal algorithms, has led to a new class of games, called side-choosing games, which serve as a foundation for crowd-sourcing and teaching in STEM domains.

Karl Lieberherr’s leadership positions in PL/SE include co-Editor-in-Chief of Theory and Practice of Object Systems, Member Steering Committee of AOSD, Organizing Chair at AOSD 2003, PC chair at AOSD 2004 and keynote speaker at ICSE 2004.

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