Engin Kirda


Professor Kirda teaches in the PhD Information Assurance program and has been awarded the first Sy and Laurie Sternberg Interdisciplinary Associate Professor for Information Assurance. He teaches in the College of Computer and Information Science and the College of Engineering. He has been an associate professor in the Networking and Security Department at Institute Eurecom in France since 2008 and previously served on the computer science faculty at Technical University of Vienna.

Professor Kirda’s research focuses on security issues with the potential to affect a large number of people. He is the co-founder and co-director of the International Secure Systems Lab, a collaborative effort of European and U.S. researchers focused on Web security, malware and vulnerability analysis, intrusion detection, and other computer security issues. The lab is well known in industry and academia for developing tools such as Anubis, which analyzes malware; FIRE (FInding RoguE Networks), which determines whether an Internet service provider has been hacked; and Pixy, which conducts vulnerability assessments for Web pages.

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