Holly Jimison

Professor of Practice

Current Research Projects

  • Building research capacity among junior nursing researchers at Northeastern University through mentoring and developing pilot programs that utilize technology-based solutions in patient-centered health behavior interventions with independent older adults and other vulnerable populations.
  • Developing and scaling an interactive health coaching platform that integrates multiple streams of data from commercially-available sensors, facilitates tailored health behavior interventions through a web-based portal, and provides just-in-time feedback to the client.
  • Computational modeling of new streaming sensor data to infer patient state with home health monitoring and interventions for patients with traumatic brain injury.

Research Interests

  • Models of health behavior change
  • Dynamic user models for tailoring health interventions
  • Modeling privacy and data sharing preferences


  • SB in Mathematics | University of Illinois
  • PhD | Stanford University

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Holly B. Jimison is a Professor in both the College of Computer & Information Science and Bouvé College of Health Science. Previous to joining Northeastern, she was on leave from Oregon Health & Science University to serve as a technology advisor for the Big Data Initiative for Monitoring Health Behaviors at Home and in the Environment at the National Institutes of Health. Her earlier work as Medical Informatics faculty at OHSU focused on technology for successful aging and scalable remote care. She served on the Executive Board of the Oregon Center for Aging & Technology and was past president of Oregon’s Health Information Management Systems Society Chapter.

As a Fellow of the American College of Medical Informatics, Dr. Jimison has made significant and sustained contributions to the field of biomedical informatics in the areas of pattern recognition, decision support, and consumer health informatics. She continues to deepen her influence in the field through her work in developing technology for successful aging and scalable remote care for older adults, including models for tailoring interventions in cognitive exercise, physical exercise, socialization, and sleep management using new behavioral metrics derived from this type of data. As the Director of the Consortium on Technology for Proactive Care at Northeastern University, she leads a multidisciplinary, multi-institutional effort to facilitate research in the area of home monitoring of health behaviors, including helping researchers address the challenges of Big Data related to large amounts of complex and noisy streaming data from multiple sources used to infer clinically relevant health behaviors.

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