Stephen Intille

Associate Professor: Interdisciplinary with Bouve College of Health Sciences

Professor Intille is a member of the faculty of both the College of Computer and Information Science and Bouve College of Health Sciences.  He also is involved in developing a PhD in Health Informatics program incorporating expertise from the two colleges.

Professor Intille is interested in the development and study of sensor-driven health technologies. His research is focused on creating novel healthcare technologies that incorporate ideas from ubiquitous computing, user-interface design, pattern recognition, behavioral science, and preventive medicine.

One area of special interest to him is the development and pilot testing of engaging systems that support healthy aging and well-being in the home setting. Another area of interest is the creation of tools for mobile phones that permit longitudinal measurement of health behaviors for research, especially the type, duration, intensity , and location. Such tools can be used to design new “just-in-time” mobile applications that motivate and assist people in making healthy behavior changes, or to help ease the transition between the home and traditional medical settings.

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