Matthew Goodwin

Assistant Professor: Interdisciplinary with Bouve College of Health Sciences

Professor Goodwin is an interdisciplinary faculty member affiliated with the College of Computer and Information Science and the Department of Health Sciences at Northeastern. He co-directs the joint-college doctoral program in Personal Health Informatics and is interested in ambulatory autonomic monitoring, wireless physical activity detection, single-case experimental designs, intensive longitudinal data analysis, and autism spectrum disorders. He is the co-PI and associate director of the first large-scale collaborative effort by computer and behavioral scientists addressing early diagnosis and interventions for people with autism spectrum disorders, a research project supported by a National Science Foundation Expeditions in Computing Award. He is also co-PI on a Boston-based Autism Center of Excellence exploring basic mechanisms and innovative interventions in minimally verbal children with autism, recently funded by the National Institutes of Health. Previously he received a National Endowment for the Arts Access to Artistic Excellence Award for his research on autism spectrum disorders and its relationship to advanced technology. Before joining Northeastern, Professor Goodwin served as director of clinical research at the MIT Media Lab, where he continues to co-direct their Autism and Communication Technology Initiative.

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