David Choffnes

Assistant Professor

Current Research Projects

  • Meddle | Platform for providing users with transparency and control over the network traffic generated by their mobile devices.
  • Mobilyzer | Crowdsourcing measurement of mobile Internet performance.
  • Aqua, and other privacy-enhancing systems | Practical and powerful privacy for network communication
  • Measurement and analysis of Internet routing | Entails several threads that cover Internet measurement, modeling and experimentation.
  • Geopolitical Routing | Understanding the geographic nature of Internet paths and their implications for performance, privacy and security.
  • Measuring mobile networks | Understanding mobile Web browsers, app traffic, network infrastructure, policies and their impact on performance.

Research Interests

Distributed systems and networking, with a recent focus on mobile systems. Particularly interested in measuring deployed Internet-scale systems and designing solutions to address problems with reliability, performance, efficiency, security, and privacy.


  • BA in Physics and French | Amherst College
  • MS in Computer Science | Northwestern University
  • PhD in Computer Science | Northwestern University

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David R. Choffnes is an assistant professor in the College of Computer and Information Science at Northeastern University. Before joining Northeastern, he was a postdoctoral research associate in Tom Anderson’s group at the University of Washington. Dr. Choffnes earned his Ph.D. in Computer Science from Northwestern University in 2010, and graduated from Amherst College, magna cum laude, in 2002 with a double-major in Physics and French. Dr. Choffnes was awarded the Computing Innovation Fellowship to support his postdoctoral work. His Ph.D. dissertation won the 2009/2010 Outstanding Dissertation in EECS at Northwestern University, where he was also awarded two Cabell Fellowships. While working for Deitel & Associates from 2002-2004, he co-authored two textbooks and contributed to a third. His research has been covered by popular press including Science Magazine, the MIT Tech Review, Chronicle of Higher Education and Ars Technica.

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