PACT 2003 Work in Progress

Call for Participation

Work in Progress Session at PACT 2003

We continue the traditional of holding a "Work in Progress" session at PACT-2003.  The goals of this session are to provide an interesting and lively discussion on a range of research projects, as well as to inject some fun into our PACT meeting.  The WIP is intended to be an informal session to spark new  ideas and interactions. In keeping with this spirit, prizes will be awarded based on audience feedback.

Presentations will be limited to 8 minutes + 2 minutes for comments and question.

The Program

Session Organizer:

Jose (Pepe) Gonzalez

Intel Labs Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain

Phone number: (country code +34) 93 413 7989

Fax number:   (country code +34) 93 413 7755