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Java Power Tools 2.7.0

Updated on January 25, 2008

Original Release Note for January 24, 2008 (2.7.0):

The most important innovation in JPT 2.7.0 is the ability to use the Java Power Framework in both applications as in the past with JPF and now in applets with JPFApplet. In addition, the core reflection technology has been implemented in a public class JPFPane that may be used to investigate the behavior of suitable methods defined for any class even the library classes supplied by Java.

Class TileBox has been changed so that it may be selected with the mouse even it is has no Paintable object within it. This convention makes it easier to use TileBox is simple interactive applications and games.

Many of the changes to JPT in Fall 2007 were designed to prepare for the improvements to the Java Power Framework. It is therefore worthwhile to review the release notes on the JPT 2.6.0 site.

Release Note for January 25, 2008 (2.7.0a):

In the initial posting of January 24, 2008 one applet failed due to the fact that JPT used getDeclaredMethods in class Class. It turns out that even asking for all declared methods causes a Java security exception in an applet deployed in a browser. Why this should be so is something of a puzzle since you have not yet called any methods. It is also the case that the same code works locally in AppletViewer so as a test program AppletViewer cannot be trusted.

The classes JPFHelper and JPFPane have been modified to work around this security issue. Now the method getMethods in class Class is used instead.

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Note that Eclipse 3.3 is so similar to Eclipse 3.2 as far as the settings shown at the above link that we have not created a new version of the screen snapshots for Eclipse 3.3.

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