Class ParameterComplex

  extended byedu.neu.ccs.ParameterComplex

public class ParameterComplex
extends Object

Class ParameterComplex is a collection of interfaces that classify functions that accept and return values of type XComplex according to the number and kind of auxiliary function parameters.

For example, a class that implements the interface ParameterComplex.ArrayParam is required to have a method with the following signature.

public void setParam(XComplex[] params)

Class ParameterComplex cannot be instantiated.


Nested Class Summary
static interface ParameterComplex.ArrayOfArrayParam
static interface ParameterComplex.ArrayParam
static interface ParameterComplex.FourParam
static interface ParameterComplex.OneParam
static interface ParameterComplex.ThreeParam
static interface ParameterComplex.TwoArrayParam
static interface ParameterComplex.TwoParam
Constructor Summary
private ParameterComplex()
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Constructor Detail


private ParameterComplex()