Class FunctionComplex


public class FunctionComplex
extends Object

Class FunctionComplex is a collection of interfaces that classify functions that accept and return values of type XComplex according to the number and kind of direct function arguments.

For example, a class that implements the interface FunctionComplex.OneArg is required to have a method with the following signature.

public XComplex evaluate(XComplex x).

Tools and instances of FunctionComplex.OneArg may be found in the classes FC and XPolynomialComplex.

Class FunctionComplex cannot be instantiated.


Nested Class Summary
static interface FunctionComplex.ArrayArg
static interface FunctionComplex.ArrayOfArrayArg
static interface FunctionComplex.FourArg
static interface FunctionComplex.NoArg
static interface FunctionComplex.OneArg
static interface FunctionComplex.ThreeArg
static interface FunctionComplex.TwoArg
static interface FunctionComplex.TwoArrayArg
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