Updated on March 1, 2005

Access to the Web Image Viewer via an applet.

Be aware, that if you are downloading lots of images, then it will take time for the viewer to access all the necessary data from the web so be patient while this happens. Do not click the Make Web Image Viewer button twice.


The Web Image Viewer enables a user to scan some or all of the images in a web directory provided that there is a text file available that lists the desired image file names one per line. The viewer therefore requests the URL of the images, the name of the image list text file, and the URL of the text file if it not the same as the images URL. If the name of the image list is not provided, it is taken to be imagelist.txt.


The first snapshot shows the GUI that permits a user to enter the URLs and the name of the image list text file. The sample images URL comes from the Concentration Game images web site.

The next snapshot shows the brief online help available in the Web Image Viewer.

To see, as an example, how the Web Image Viewer presents the images in the Concentration Game images web site (without running the viewer), click here.

Of course, you can almost as easily run the Web Image Viewer live!

Applet Source

The Java file WebImageViewerApplet.java

The html file applet.htm that brings up the Web Image Viewer applet.

The style file style.css for this page and for applet.htm.

The Web Image Viewer applet must be linked with the Java Power Tools library jpt.jar. As you can see above, the applet html file makes this linkage for the applet.

For more information on working with images via Java programs using Java Power Tools, see GUI > Graphics Classes > Image Tools in the Annotated JPT Reference.

Application Source

There are two disadvantages to using this web applet:

To overcome these disadvantages, we have provided the source of a simple application that will access both viewers and will run on your local system.

The Java file RequestViewers.java

You will need to download and install the Java Power Tools library jpt.jar.

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