Updated on February 18, 2004


The page provides access to two programs that demonstrate fractals. These programs are bundled together using an instance of the Java Power Framework. Click here for the zip archives that include all files.

Before getting into the details, we show a screen snapshot of each program.

Screen snapshot of the Hilbert Curve program

Screen snapshot of the Recursive Fractals program

Zip Archive

The Fractal Program Files in zip format

The Fractal Program Files in self extracting exe format

Note that the Fractal Program Files must be linked with the Java Power Tools 2.3 library jpt.jar.

Since we use the Java Power Framework to combine two fractal programs, we give access to the source of the main driver program here.

The Java file FractalsDemo.java

Hilbert Curves

A brief article describing the Hilbert Curves and the program is the following:

The file ExploreHilbert.pdf

The file ExploreHilbert.doc

The following slides show numerous screen snapshots from the program and provide further information on Hilbert Curves.

The file HilbertSlides.ppt

Hilbert Curves Source Files

The Java file Hilbert.java

The Java file HilbertApp.java

The Java file DigitString.java

Recursive Fractals

The Recursive Fractals program was written by a former student at Northeastern University named Jennifer McDonald.

The best reference on the Lindenmayer Systems (L-Systems) that form the conceptual basis for the Recursive Fractals program is the book:

Przemyslaw Prusinkiewicz & Aristid Lindenmayer, The Algorithmic Beauty of Plants, Springer-Verlag, NY, 1990, ISBN 0-387-97297-8.

Recursive Fractals Source Files

The Java file FractalApplication.java

The Java file FractalEngine.java

The Java file FractalBounds.java

The Java file Grammar.java

The Java file GrammarView.java

The Java file ReadyMadeGrammar.java

The Java file Rule.java

The Java file RuleList.java

The Java file RuleRulePanel.java

The Java file RuleView.java

The Java file TurtleState.java

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