Package edu.neu.ccs.util

Provides utility classes and classes with static utility methods.


Interface Summary
JPTConstants Interface that provides common shared constant values for classes in the JPT.

Class Summary
Conversions Class Conversions contains type conversion utility functions suitable for processing byte sequences and byte arrays and for conversion of integral values (short, int, or long) to floating values (float or double) that are between -1 and +1.
DimensionUtilities Provides utilities for manipulating Dimension objects.
FileUtilities Provides utility methods that encapsulate file input and output operations.
FloatArray Class FloatArray encapsulates utilities for arrays of float.
Hex Class Hex provides static methods for the conversion of numeric types to hexadecimal strings and vice versa.
JPTUtilities Provides general utility methods used by various classes in the JPT.
MathUtilities The class MathUtilities collects several useful static mathematical functions.
ProbStatTools Class ProbStatTools collects static methods that are useful for randomization, probability, and statistics.
SoundUtilities Provides static utility methods for playback of sound.
StringableFactory Class whose instances can construct new instances of Stringable objects of a given class using reflection.
SystemUtilities Provides utility methods for gathering information about the system and activating system components.
TextTools Class TextTools is a special purpose class for reading and writing data on local disk files.
WebTools Class WebTools is a special purpose class for reading data from a web site.

Exception Summary
FileExistsException Exception thrown to denote the existence of a file that could be inadvertently overwritten if no notification were made of its presence.

Error Summary
JPTError An error thrown in the JPT that indicates a programming problem rather than a user or system error, which should not need to be caught within an application or applet.

Package edu.neu.ccs.util Description

Provides utility classes and classes with static utility methods. Utilities are provided for working with codecs, parsers, files, and the system on which the Java VM is running.

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