Updated on August 4, 2002


The Site Download page makes the web sites for the Java Power Tools tutorials, Problem Set Framework, problem sets, and laboratories available for download as a whole.


Introductory Tutorials

Case Study: Maze Demo Program

Case Study: Automata Simulation Program

Problem Set Framework

Problem Set Framework

Problem Sets

Read-Write Problem Set

Simple Functions Problem Set

Decisions Problem Set

Counting Loops Problem Set

Conditional Loops Problem Set

Strings Problem Set


Picture Class Explorer

Turtle Explorer

Ticket Seller

Scaled Picture

Animated Loops

Swimming Fish

Dot Patterns

Simple Time

Array Tools


Animated Algorithms

Stack Pictures

Soda Machine



Contact Information

The Java Power Tools team:

Name E-mail Telephone
Viera Proulx vkp@ccs.neu.edu 617-373-2225
Jeff Raab jmr@ccs.neu.edu 617-373-5876
Richard Rasala rasala@ccs.neu.edu 617-373-2206

To send e-mail to the enitre Java Power Tools team, use: jpt@ccs.neu.edu

Our postal address and fax number are given below:

College of Computer Science
161 Cullinane Hall
Northeastern University
Boston, MA 02115 USA
Fax: 617-373-5121