Interface ConsoleAware

All Known Implementing Classes:
DialogAction, GeneralDialog, JPF, JPTError, XObjectView

public interface ConsoleAware

Interface to be implemented by classes of objects that desire access to the shared text console. This interface simply provides access to the shared ConsoleGateway object providing text input and output capabilities for threads running in the Java Virtual Machine.

Note that it is possible to use, System.out and System.err to directly access the Java Virtual Machine console, but such access may be restricted by a security manager of the Java Virtual Machine, or may not be supported by the Java Virtual Machine on which a thread is running. The shared console object made accessible through this interface has further functionality not provided by the System stream objects.

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Field Summary
static ConsoleGateway console
          The shared console object.

Field Detail


public static final ConsoleGateway console
The shared console object.