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Packages that use XFourier.Type
edu.neu.ccs Provides the Stringable interface and data models that implement the interface. 

Uses of XFourier.Type in edu.neu.ccs

Fields in edu.neu.ccs declared as XFourier.Type
static XFourier.Type XFourier.RADIANS
          The type for radians input.
static XFourier.Type XFourier.DEGREES
          The type for degrees input.
protected  XFourier.Type XFourier.type
          The fourier type.

Methods in edu.neu.ccs that return XFourier.Type
 XFourier.Type XFourier.getType()
          Returns the XFourier.Type parameter.
private  XFourier.Type XFourier.getTypeViaString(String string)
          Helper method for getting type from String.

Methods in edu.neu.ccs with parameters of type XFourier.Type
 void XFourier.setType(XFourier.Type type)
          Sets the XFourier.Type parameter to determine the RADIANS or DEGREES setting.
 void XFourier.setFourier(XFourier.Type type, double constant, double[] sinArray, double[] cosArray)
          Sets the fourier to the given parameters.

Constructors in edu.neu.ccs with parameters of type XFourier.Type
XFourier(XFourier.Type type, double constant, double[] sinArray, double[] cosArray)
          The constructor that supplies the type, constant, and array data for the sin and cos coefficients.