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Packages that use SmallSet
edu.neu.ccs Provides the Stringable interface and data models that implement the interface. 

Uses of SmallSet in edu.neu.ccs

Methods in edu.neu.ccs with parameters of type SmallSet
 boolean SmallSet.unionSet(SmallSet set)
          Adds the given set to this set but omits any elements in the given set that fall outside the bounds of this set.
 boolean SmallSet.intersectSet(SmallSet set)
          Replaces this set with the intersection of this set and the given set.
 boolean SmallSet.pruneSet(SmallSet set)
          Prunes this set by removing the elements in common with the given set, that is, replaces this set by its set difference with the given set.
 boolean SmallSet.contains(SmallSet set)
          Returns true if this set contains the given set as a subset.
 boolean SmallSet.isSubset(SmallSet set)
          Returns true if this set is a subset of the given set.
 boolean SmallSet.makeNextSubset(SmallSet subset)
          Takes the given subset of this set and changes its state so that it is the next subset of this set relative to the compareTo comparison operation.

Constructors in edu.neu.ccs with parameters of type SmallSet
SmallSet(SmallSet set)
          The constructor that makes a clone of the given set.