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Packages that use FileExistsException
edu.neu.ccs.util Provides utility classes and classes with static utility methods. 

Uses of FileExistsException in edu.neu.ccs.util

Methods in edu.neu.ccs.util that throw FileExistsException
static void FileUtilities.copyFile(String source, String destination, boolean overwrite)
          Copies the file at the source path to the destination path.
static void FileUtilities.copyFile(File source, File destination, boolean overwrite)
          Copies the source file to the destination file.
static void FileUtilities.createDirectory(File dir)
          Creates the given directory.
static void FileUtilities.createDirectory(String dir)
          Creates a directory with the given path.
static void FileUtilities.renameFile(File source, File destination)
          Sets the name of the given file to the provided name.
static void FileUtilities.renameFile(String source, String destination)
          Renames the file at the given path to the given new path.
static void FileUtilities.writeFile(File f, String data, boolean overwrite)
          Writes the given data to the given file.
static void FileUtilities.writeFile(String destination, String data, boolean overwrite)
          Writes the given data to a file at the given path.