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Packages that use QuickHashMap
edu.neu.ccs.gui Provides classes and interfaces for designing and implementing graphical interfaces and for the creation of paintable and mutatable objects.. 
edu.neu.ccs.quick Provides classes for quick initialization of standard collections and introduces classes based on pairs that combine features of lists and hashtables. 

Uses of QuickHashMap in edu.neu.ccs.gui

Fields in edu.neu.ccs.gui declared as QuickHashMap
protected  QuickHashMap RadioPanel.labelIndexMap
          The hash map that contains pairs with a label and an index installed as Integer with the position of the label in the view.
protected  QuickHashMap RadioPanel.modelButtonMap
          The hash map that contains pairs with a model and its button.

Uses of QuickHashMap in edu.neu.ccs.quick

Fields in edu.neu.ccs.quick declared as QuickHashMap
private  QuickHashMap StringObjectMap.objectToStringMap
          The object to string map.