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Packages that use Pair
edu.neu.ccs.quick Provides classes for quick initialization of standard collections and introduces classes based on pairs that combine features of lists and hashtables. 

Uses of Pair in edu.neu.ccs.quick

Methods in edu.neu.ccs.quick that return Pair
static Pair Pair.makePair(Object a, Object b)
          Factory method that returns a Pair if the two objects are non-null; otherwise returns null.
static Pair Pair.makePair(Object[] data)
          Factory method that returns a Pair if the data array is non-null and has exactly two non-null items; otherwise returns null.
static Pair[] Pair.toArray(Object[][] array)
          Returns the contents of the given Object[][] array as a Pair[] array.

Methods in edu.neu.ccs.quick with parameters of type Pair
static Object[][] Pair.toArray(Pair[] pairs)
          Returns the contents of the given Pair[] array as an Object[][] array.
static Object[] Pair.getAObjects(Pair[] pairs)
          Returns the array of A-objects from this array of pairs.
static Object[] Pair.getBObjects(Pair[] pairs)
          Returns the array of B-objects from this array of pairs.