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edu.neu.ccs.parser Provides classes for translating Strings into values of various data types using languages with simple lexical and syntactic structures. 

Uses of NumericOperation in edu.neu.ccs.parser

Fields in edu.neu.ccs.parser declared as NumericOperation
static NumericOperation JPTParser.operationPlus
          NumericOperation to implement plus.
static NumericOperation JPTParser.operationMinus
          NumericOperation to implement minus.
static NumericOperation JPTParser.operationTimes
          NumericOperation to implement times.
static NumericOperation JPTParser.operationSlash
          NumericOperation to implement division.
static NumericOperation JPTParser.operationPercent
          NumericOperation to implement remainder.
static NumericOperation JPTParser.operationCaret
          NumericOperation to implement exponentiation.