Package edu.neu.ccs.jpf

Provides the classes that implement the Java Power Framework.


Class Summary
ActivityIcon Provides JComponents that display icons for the input, action, and output displays in MethodGUI.
ActivityIcon.ActionIcon Icon representing execution of an action.
ActivityIcon.InputIcon Icon representing an input parameter.
ActivityIcon.OutputIcon Icon representing output.
JPF The Java Power Framework class JPF provides the foundation for creating an automatic Java GUI application with access to: the JPT console I/O via the interface ConsoleAware a simple graphics window using a BufferedPanel.
JPFApplication This is the main application that sets up a console, a graphics window, and installs a list of actions to select one of several tasks to run from a given collection of "proper" methods.
JPFBase Provides the base utility methods for use in the Java Power Framework.
JPFBase.ConstructorSignature Encapsulates constructor signature attributes.
JPFBase.MemberSignature Encapsulates signature attributes for a class member.
JPFBase.MethodSignature Encapsulates a method signature.
JPFBase.ParametrizedSignature Encapsulates a parametrized member signature.
MethodGUI This class implements the GUI for a Method that is non-trivial, that is, has a return value and/or non-trivial parameters.

Package edu.neu.ccs.jpf Description

Provides the classes that implement the Java Power Framework.

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