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edu.neu.ccs.gui Provides classes and interfaces for designing and implementing graphical interfaces and for the creation of paintable and mutatable objects.. 

Uses of HTable in edu.neu.ccs.gui

Fields in edu.neu.ccs.gui declared as HTable
protected  HTable SimpleFunctionPaneWithIO.IOButtonsTable
          The table with the 2 buttons.
protected  HTable SimpleFunctionPane.defButtonsTable
          The table with the 3 buttons.
protected  HTable FunctionsPlotter.xSpacingPanel
          The table panel for the x grid spacing.
protected  HTable FunctionsPlotter.ySpacingPanel
          The table panel for the y grid spacing.
protected  HTable FunctionsPlotter.coordinatesPanel
          The coordinates table panel.
protected  HTable FunctionsPlotter.plotPanePanel
          The entire plot pane table panel.
protected  HTable FontSampler.fontPanel
          The font family panel.
protected  HTable FontSampler.paramsTable
          The font params table
protected  HTable ColorPane.labelSwatchPanel
          The panel for the labels and swatch panel.
protected  HTable ColorPane.colorviewPanel
          The panel with the color view and its label.