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Packages that use ActionsPanel
edu.neu.ccs.gui Provides classes and interfaces for designing and implementing graphical interfaces and for the creation of paintable and mutatable objects.. 
edu.neu.ccs.jpf Provides the classes that implement the Java Power Framework

Uses of ActionsPanel in edu.neu.ccs.gui

Fields in edu.neu.ccs.gui declared as ActionsPanel
protected  ActionsPanel JPTDialog.actions
          The actions panel containing actions that interact with the view in this dialog.
protected  ActionsPanel GeneralDialog.actionsPanel
          The actions panel with the user response buttons.
protected  ActionsPanel ArrayPanel.lengthActions
          Actions panel containing the increment and decrement array length actions.
protected  ActionsPanel ArrayPanel.setActions
          Actions panel containing the set array length action.

Methods in edu.neu.ccs.gui that return ActionsPanel
 ActionsPanel JPTDialog.getActionsPanel()
          Returns the actions panel for this dialog.
 ActionsPanel GeneralDialog.getDialogActionsPanel()
          Returns the actions panel for this dialog.

Methods in edu.neu.ccs.gui with parameters of type ActionsPanel
 void JPTDialog.setActionsPanel(ActionsPanel p)
          Sets the actions panel for this dialog to the provided actions panel.

Uses of ActionsPanel in edu.neu.ccs.jpf

Fields in edu.neu.ccs.jpf declared as ActionsPanel
protected  ActionsPanel JPFApplication.methodButtonsPanel
          Buttons panel for method buttons.
protected  ActionsPanel JPFApplication.commonButtonsPanel
          Buttons panel for common actions.

Methods in edu.neu.ccs.jpf with parameters of type ActionsPanel
protected  JButton JPFApplication.addOneButton(ActionsPanel panel, Action action, String tooltip)
          Adds one button with the given action and tool tip to the panel and then returns the button.