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edu.neu.ccs.gui Provides classes and interfaces for designing and implementing graphical interfaces and for the creation of paintable and mutatable objects.. 

Uses of AbstractPaintable in edu.neu.ccs.gui

Subclasses of AbstractPaintable in edu.neu.ccs.gui
 class ClippingWrapper
          The class ClippingWrapper will wrap a Paintable and a clipping Shape to obtain a Paintable that clips the original Paintable to the Shape.
 class ImagePaintable
          An ImagePaintable creates an AbstractPaintable using an image, image icon, filename, or URL.
 class ImagePaintableLite
          An ImagePaintableLite creates a Paintable using an image filename or an image URL.
 class MultiLineTextPaintable
          Class MultiLineTextPaintable provides the basic functionality of TextPaintable for text that contains newlines.
 class PaintableSequence
          A PaintableSequence encapsulates a sequence of Paintable objects.
 class PaintableSequenceComposite
          The class PaintableSequenceComposite is a base class for the construction of Paintable classes.
 class PaintBar
          Class PaintBar implements a Paintable that paints a one or two dimensional array of disks.
 class PointPaintable
          A PointPaintable creates a Paintable using a point, a PlotMark, and a Paint.
 class ShapePaintable
          A ShapePaintable creates an AbstractPaintable using a Shape object and other related data.
 class TextPaintable
          A TextPaintable creates a Paintable using a string, a font, and other related data.
 class Tile
          The class Tile will wrap a Paintable object to obtain to a copy that may be subject to mutation that does not affect the data in the encapsulated paintable.
 class TileBox
          The class TileBox will wrap an object by converting it to a Paintable if it is not one already.