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Packages that use ConsoleAware
edu.neu.ccs.gui Provides classes and interfaces for designing and implementing graphical interfaces and for the creation of paintable and mutatable objects.. 
edu.neu.ccs.jpf Provides the classes that implement the Java Power Framework
edu.neu.ccs.util Provides utility classes and classes with static utility methods. 

Uses of ConsoleAware in edu.neu.ccs.gui

Classes in edu.neu.ccs.gui that implement ConsoleAware
 class ColorPaneDialog
          Class ColorPaneDialog constructs an OK-Cancel dialog whose content is a ColorPane.
 class DialogAction
          Encapsulates an Action that will be performed for a GeneralDialog.
 class GeneralDialog
          A dialog box containing a Component and an ActionsPanel that contains actions to respond to and dismiss the dialog.
 class XObjectView
          View for output of the String representation of the state of an XObject.

Uses of ConsoleAware in edu.neu.ccs.jpf

Classes in edu.neu.ccs.jpf that implement ConsoleAware
 class JPF
          The Java Power Framework class JPF provides the foundation for creating an automatic Java GUI application with access to: the JPT console I/O via the interface ConsoleAware a simple graphics window using a BufferedPanel.
(package private)  class JPFApplication
          This is the main application that sets up a console, a graphics window, and installs a list of actions to select one of several tasks to run from a given collection of "proper" methods.
(package private)  class MethodGUI
          This class implements the GUI for a Method that is non-trivial, that is, has a return value and/or non-trivial parameters.

Uses of ConsoleAware in edu.neu.ccs.util

Classes in edu.neu.ccs.util that implement ConsoleAware
 class JPTError
          An error thrown in the JPT that indicates a programming problem rather than a user or system error, which should not need to be caught within an application or applet.