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Packages that use XLong
edu.neu.ccs Provides the Stringable interface and data models that implement the interface. 
edu.neu.ccs.parser Provides classes for translating Strings into values of various data types using languages with simple lexical and syntactic structures. 

Uses of XLong in edu.neu.ccs

Subclasses of XLong in edu.neu.ccs
 class HexXLong
          Class HexXLong extends XLong by replacing the three methods: fromStringData, toStringData, and toString, to use hexadecimal digits rather than decimal digits.

Methods in edu.neu.ccs that return XLong
static XLong[] XLong.toXArray(long[] a)
          Returns an array of XLong objects initialized from the given array of long values.

Methods in edu.neu.ccs with parameters of type XLong
static long[] XLong.toPrimitiveArray(XLong[] x)
          Returns an array of primitive long values copied from the given array of XLong objects.

Uses of XLong in edu.neu.ccs.parser

Methods in edu.neu.ccs.parser that return XLong
static XLong ParserUtilities.toXLong(XNumber value)
          Converts the given value to XLong.