Version: 5.2.1

Game Worlds

The game-world libraries are designed to allow a novice programmer to design the behavior of interactive graphics-based games (the model) systematically, without the worry about the intricacies of the design of window frames, graphics displays, and event listeners (the control] and most of the view. They also allow the programmer to design the graphic display of the game scenes by composing simple geometric shapes and images.

Additionally, the tunes library allows the programmer to provide a background music of special effects sounds by generating simple commands that the library translates into MIDI instructions.

The libraries has been used at a number of universities, colleges, and high schools over more than five years, in a variety of Java-based introductory courses. _________________________________________________________________________________

The game-world libraries are published under the LGPL license. The sources, documentation, and downloads, as well as additional resources as well as a community space is hosted at the TesterViera/JavaLibWorld github site. _________________________________________________________________________________

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