Version: 5.2.1


The Introduction provides a brief introduction to using the tester library.

The Setup Guides for most commonly used Java IDEs show how to add the tester library to the student project, and how to run the programs. In general, one has to only add the tester.jar file to the project and run either the main method in the student code, or the main method in the tester.Main class.

The User’s Guide - Overview shows how to design tests and organize the code for a simple program, and describes the reports that the tester library can generate.

The Running Tests section describes the various options for running the tests and selecting the desired reporting of results, including the design of tests for private methods.

The User’s Guide - Test Design describes all possible test scenaria supported by the tester library, with complete examples as well as our own tests for each scenario.

The Tester API section provides a list of all public methods, interfaces, and Exception classes defined in the tester library, organized by their utility, with additional brief comments for the user.

The Samples - TestSuite section has comprehensive set of links to the entire test suite for the tester library.

The Tutorials section provides a number of lessons on test design, test-first design strategy, understanding the meaning of equality, designing test in the presence of mutation, and more. They are intended for both the instrutor and the student.


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