Sound Library for Imperative World

"Sound Library for Imperative World"

These pages contain the first release of a new sound library that can be used with the imperative javalib draw libraries, creating either standalone Java applications or Java applets.

Rather than composing music, this library is designed for those that cannot carry a tune, except in a bucket. We provide two tune buckets tickTunes and keyTunes and play the tunes the programmer added to the bucket on each respective event invocation --- until the next event.

The Overview describes the overall design and explains how to use the library.

The Tunes describes the key features of the tunes package that handles all sound generation.

The Isdraw link describes the added features to the imperative draw library that enable the addition and manipulation of sounds.

The Asdraw link describes the small changes that allow any program that uses isdraw and tunes packages to become an applet to be shown on any web page.

The Samples link shows a couple of examples of how the sound library can be used, including two samples of student work.

The Sources for all files are available --- comments on the design are appreciated.

The Downloads give you jar files that can be used by both the student and the instructor.

The Javadocs provides full documentation of all public APIs for all three libraries.

This software is distributed under the LGPL license.

For information about these libraries and to report bugs please e-mail Viera K. Proulx

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