Ph.D. advisors
(for a change, in reverse alphabetical order)
Yair Frankel
E-mail, phone (212) 454-6015

Agnes Chan.
E-mail, phone (617) 373-3290

Ph.D. committee
Moti Yung
E-mail, phone (212) 939-7022

Boaz Patt-Shamir.

Eytan Modiano.

Home pages
Kiki Denis
George Davida
Kevin McCurley
Leo Irakliotis

Interesting Sites
Crypto and E-cash related sites.
Everything automotive (e-Auto).
Motorcycle on-line magazine.
WRC (FIA World Rally Championship) info system.
Go Greece.
U.S. Gazetteer: U.S. location service & maps.
Telnet to CCS.
Search engines
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