Xin Dong

35 Orient Street
Malden, MA 02148
(617) 849-1556



Current Research

My Ph.D. research focuses on operating systems, high performance computing, multi-threading, software parallelization methods/tools, code rewriting/debugging and parallel algorithms.

The central part of my thesis is a semi-automatic methodology using source-level transformation for Geant4 multi-threading (Geant4MT\_MT\_proto.shtml).

Techniques used include: • a modified version of the GNU g++ parser • bisimulation using the DMTCP checkpointing package • run-time analysis using a SEGFAULT handler and selective memory protection • a non-standard extension to malloc for scalable multi-threading

Other topics: • bit-compatible parallelization of ILU(k) preconditioner • fast permutation multiplication in cache

Impact of Geant4MT


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