CS5011 Orientation Lab

This laboratory is to be completed over two sessions in the regularly scheduled CS 5011 sections. The two sessions will be on:

CS 5011 will NOT meet on 9/5-9/6.

Laboratory Exercises

  1. Prepare your laptop according to the instructions in Preparing Your Laptop for CS 5010.
  2. Part I: Git. Do the exercises in the Git Laboratory
  3. Part II: Racket. Read the materials and do as many of the exercises as you can in the Racket Laboratory . Use the videos by John Clements as a resource, starting with DrRacket 01

    If you have a cs5010f13 repository, clone it to your local machine and do your work there. Otherwise do your work in the local copy of the repository you created in the Git Laboratory. Be sure to upload your work to the server when you are done (either by doing "push" or "sync").

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