Portfolio System Tutorial

0. Introduction
1. Registration and Login
2. Edit your portfolio
3. Share your portfolio with others
4. View shared portfolios

 0. Introduction

    Welcome to the CCIS Portfolio System. This system will help you build your educational and coop records, reflect your achievements, and  share your portfolios with your peers, instructors, and friends.
1. Registration and login

    On the registration page, you are asked to input your name and email. Please note that some fields are required.
    You can select your own username which is at least of 6 characters, and a password.

    Once registered, you are ready to build your portfolio! Please login here using your username and password.
    After login, you'll notice there are three tabs: Enter, View, and Share which will be explained in the following sections.

2. Edit your portfolio
    In 'Enter' tab, you are asked to build  your portfolio in the pre-built framework which includes the categories below.
    A more detailed framework, as called Element Map, is available here.     You may start with  editing your Personal Information category which includes your name, ID, contact information,  personal interests, mentors, etc.

    In Education category, you may edit your education history, academic plan, etc.

    The CO-OP experiences category is designed to reflect your coop experiences if any.

    Please note:

3. Share your portfolio  
    Sometimes you want to share your portfolio with your friends, instructor, or your family. To do that, you need to go to the 'Share' tab, and create a shared folder in the following steps.
4. View shared portfolioes

    If some other students shared their portfolioes with you, you can view them in the 'View' tab.

CCIS Portfolio Group
Email: portfolio-dev at ccs dot neu dot edu
Apr. 8th, 2005